Introducing BlinkStick

Hi, my name is Arvydas and I am very exited to introduce BlinkStick – a do-it-yourself RGB LED the size of a flash drive. When I first got to know ATTiny85 microcontroller I was fascinated by the power within it: an extremely small chip could be used in so many applications. What really interested me was the ability to make it into a USB device with just a few extra components.

I like the notification LED on my mobile phone. It shows me when I have new email, IM or social network message, but I didn’t have anything like this on my PC, so I set out to build it. ATTiny85 seemed like a perfect candidate for the job, because it has the exact amount of pins for USB communication and drive an RGB LED.

2It all started out as a simple task to display an LED notification when I receive an email to my PC, but has become an attractive DIY kit that can be controlled remotely, act as an ambilight clone, be fully hackable with support for various programming languages and even run on Raspberry Pi.

raspberry-pi-main blinkstick-ambilight-main cropped-2013-04-07-22.05.25.jpg

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