BlinkStick Client 2.0-RC9 released with OSX support!

BlinkStick Client on OSX

New BlinkStick Client 2.0-RC9 has been released. Fixes and improvements in this release:

  • Mac OSX support, tested on Mavericks and Yosemite.
  • New icons for UI
  • Latest version of GTK 2.12.30 supported

OS X release does not support the following notifications yet:

  • Ambilight – ambilight effect by calculating average color of the screen
  • Application – active application trigger
  • Disk Space – notification about disk space used
  • Keyboard – ability to use keyboard shortcut to trigger a pattern

The support for these notifications will be added in the future releases.

Download the new release:

OSX release requires Mono runtime which can be downloaded by following this link:

BlinkStick Forums is the best place to get support and ask questions.

BlinkStick Client RC6 release

New version of BlinkStick Client application RC6 has been released!

  • Ability to specify channel for notifications to support all channels of BlinkStick Pro
  • Improved pattern animations, now they are a lot smoother
  • Improvements to remote control notification which adds support to specify channel, first and last LEDs. Support to set color or play pattern.

You can find more details about new remote control API for BlinkStick Client application by following this link.

Download the new release BlinkStickClient-Setup-2.0-rc6-x86.exe.

BlinkStick Forums is the best place to get support and ask questions.

More ways to control your BlinkStick remotely


Now there are even more ways to control your BlinkStick remotely! Remote control is a neat little feature, that allows your BlinkStick to become internet enabled device once connected to a computer.

There are currently 4 ways to connect BlinkStick to the web service:

  • Using the BlinkStick Client application (Windows)
  • Using command line tool from Python package (Linux, Mac OS X)
  • Writing code for Python (Linux, Mac OSX)
  • Writing code for Node.js (Linux, Mac OSX)

Head over to the tutorials section to find out more.

Would you like to control your BlinkStick with any other language or OS? No problem! Just contact me and I will make it happen! 🙂