Processing library release 0.1.0

I’m very excited to announce the immediate availability of BlinkStick library for Processing programming language. The library is supported in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It provides full control over BlinkStick device and there are a lot of examples to get you started. All information is available on the official BlinkStick Processing website:

Your Projects: Blink when there is a visitor

Be sure to check out this great blog post by Dmitri Popov and his neat way to get a BlinkStick notification whenever somebody visits his photo gallery running on a Raspberry Pi!

I’m using BlinkStick with Pygmyfoto running on my Raspberry Pi. Every time someone visits the gallery, BlinkStick blinks with random color.

Read the full blog post over here: Using BlinkStick with Raspberry Pi and let’s get his BlinkStick blinking!