BlinkStick Client RC7 released

New version of BlinkStick Client application RC7 has been released!

  • Added Keyboard notification to play pattern when keyboard combination is pressed
  • Ability to use standalone server
  • Option to turn off BlinkSticks when exiting application

You can find more details about standalone server by following this link.

Download the new releaseĀ BlinkStickClient-Setup-2.0-rc7-x86.exe.

BlinkStick Forums is the best place to get support and ask questions.

BlinkStick Client RC6 release

New version of BlinkStick Client application RC6 has been released!

  • Ability to specify channel for notifications to support all channels of BlinkStick Pro
  • Improved pattern animations, now they are a lot smoother
  • Improvements to remote control notification which adds support to specify channel, first and last LEDs. Support to set color or play pattern.

You can find more details about new remote control API for BlinkStick Client application by following this link.

Download the new releaseĀ BlinkStickClient-Setup-2.0-rc6-x86.exe.

BlinkStick Forums is the best place to get support and ask questions.

Python package updated to 0.7.0

BlinkStick Python package now fully supports Windows OS. It currently has been tested only with Python 2.7. The documentation on the BlinkStick Python website describes how to install pip package for all popular operating systems:

One more additional feature has been introduced. Library now automatically restores USB device handles if BlinkStick was removed and the reinserted into any of the USB ports.

If you already have all prerequisites for your operating system, then installation is very simple:

sudo pip install blinkstick

If you have older version of blinkstick module installed, run the following command:

sudo pip install blinkstick --upgrade

Processing library release 0.1.0

I’m very excited to announce the immediate availability of BlinkStick library for Processing programming language. The library is supported in Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. It provides full control over BlinkStick device and there are a lot of examples to get you started. All information is available on the official BlinkStick Processing website:

Your Projects: Blink when there is a visitor

Be sure to check out this great blog post by Dmitri Popov and his neat way to get a BlinkStick notification whenever somebody visits his photo gallery running on a Raspberry Pi!

I’m using BlinkStick with Pygmyfoto running on my Raspberry Pi. Every time someone visits the gallery, BlinkStick blinks with random color.

Read the full blog post over here: Using BlinkStick with Raspberry Pi and let’s get his BlinkStick blinking!